Systemic Family Therapy has a strong evidence base for being helpful for individuals, couples, families and groups of people as an intervention for a multitude of issues. These might range from families living with long term health conditions, behavioural challenges, loss and separation or relationship breakdown. It is helpful for issues in adult families, blended families, sibling relationships, foster carers and adopted families.

Family Therapy is effective where there is conflict, tension or unhappiness within a family. Sessions also help families remember what their strengths and resources are and re-connect to how these qualities can be utilised towards creating change. It is a collaborative approach and offers a number of models, including coaching, creative interventions and psycho-educational input.

Who needs to come?

This will vary depending on the age of children, family situation, and the presenting issues. Generally if a young person is involved I will discuss their involvement with the parent(s) or caregivers prior to coming, and we may have one or two parent-only sessions to begin with. Decisions about who comes are made together.

The problem is my son/daughter, why do we all need to come?

Family Therapy looks at the patterns and dynamics that exist within relationships in a family rather than in one individual family member. It may be experienced that one person is identified as the problem, but as systems are co-constructed, issues of cause and effect are closely interwoven. Engaging in family therapy offers a way to positively influence change in relationship patterns.

I am also a qualified practitioner in NVR (Non-Violent Resistance) which offers strategies and support for parents. This helps parent’s deal with unwanted behaviours that are impacting on them as a family. See here for more information.

Can one of us come on our own?

Yes, seeing a single family member can be helpful and effective.

Do we need a referral?

No. As this is a private arrangement, no-one else needs to know. However there may be times when it would be important to inform your doctor or school depending on the issue. This would be discussed together.

How many sessions will we need?

This is something that will be discussed as we go along. Fortnightly sessions are an option for family therapy.

Sometimes I am unable to help.

In some cases I may need to refer you on to further services, for example I am not equipped to diagnose any medical or mental health conditions, or to offer any psychological assessments. In these instances, I will signpost you accordingly.

For further information about Family Therapy please see here.


Sessions are charged at £95 and I offer a sliding scale if there is financial constraint. There is a cancellation fee payable of £60 if appointments are cancelled within 48 hours of the session.

What does research tell us about family therapy?

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